Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One minute film

Ramure en Mer

A project at Supinfocom in my second year. 
We had to choose a japanese haiku and develop it into a one minute scenario 

At that time , there were a bit of complications back home
in Lebanon ( not like there's ever a time where there arent any )
But there i was just another immigrant obsessed with a thought
i had to get out of my head .

so i decided to choose this haiku
"my country, 
flooded with rain 
i discover it barefoot "

As abstract as it is , i intended to keep the scenario abstract too .
i wanted to join all the complex conflicts our country dealt with for years and
make them simple to understand.
because thats what it is finally .
theres nothing more to this middle eastern conflict .
its as simple as it gets.
were in a small boat that will never sail.
wel be always slowed down by bigger waves and even when it gets calmer 
there will be other bigger boats to block us .

because there it was, the lot of my country , and maybe even yours.

" ah oui le liban , cest le coin du monde ou tout le monde fait caca dedans "
"oh yes lebanon , its just another part of the world where everyone takes a shit in ."

and because nothing ever changes .

there it was my one minute of vent .

In search of the graphic style

I wanted to stay illustrative and frontal .
no cuts just one frontal sequence shot .
i wanted to keep a simple "mise-en-scene" and naive .
its a fable we dont want to get too close to and the moment we do 
we back away again.
The tree on the boat is meant to be the Cedar (the tree that represents lebanon)
its there as a vessel and at the same time it adds weight to the boat making it more 
unstable . 
i also wanted it to be bendable and without any leaves .
so at the end the only remaining characteristic of the cedar is its progressive 
branches by size .

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