Saturday, March 3, 2012

woman in the moon

I got asked to design a poster for a performance .
This time, I felt like experimenting with different mediums and try out "linogravure". 
( Thanks to the lovely talented illustrator , Clemence Albertus, who taught me this medium during my stay in France last week.)
So this medium requires the material , the special paint , the carving tools and the plaques.
You first have to sketch out your drawing on the plaque and then carve it out  .
The result is so raw and interesting , no photoshop effect can give you that.
The best part is the randomness which gives a different print every time .

After that comes the conventional photoshop part , 
Defining the illustration and the colors  .

 Thank you to my lovelies , David Habchy for the early morning guidance and Lara Samaha 
for helping me design the layout in the back of the calender !

 Heres the flyer of the performance designed as a lunar calender .

Il also be doing Vjing at the perfomance .
Will be posting some pictures soon 
If you're around beirut, do pass by and see the performance its running till sunday.

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