Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Campaign for Saint Jude hospital

Leo Burnett agency recently launched a campaign in 
support of the ST jude's cancer center .
The aim was to get artists of different disciplines 
to create some kind of street art that would draw attention 
to the matter and then use that as press art to eventually help 
raise money for the center.
I met up with Hussein and David and we decided to ask
 people we meet on the street ,the following :
if you had to draw cancer , what would you draw?

The answers we got were so
 diverse and sometimes shocking .

To name a few 

cancer is a scorpion ,
an octopus , 
its like pacman 
a potato 
a marble 
the municipality of jounieh 
a pebble on water


We wrote down people's answers on cells and tagged them all over the city in Beirut.

(ok not all over , that was the plan initially but we just ended up doing Ashrafieh 
and then we decided to spare the rest of the city from infection )

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